[Authors: Marc Ianne G. Taberdo, Aljohn B. Tongson, Romar Jay D. Quijano, 2015] Traditionally electrical appliances in a home are controlled via switches that regulate the electricity to these devices. As the world gets more and more technologically advanced, we find new technology coming in deeper and deeper into our personal lives even at home. Home automation is becoming more and more popular around the world and is becoming a common practice. The process of home automation works by making everything in the house automatically controlled using technology to control and do the jobs that we would normally do manually. Home automation takes care of a lot of different activities in the house. The project proposed a unique System for Home automation utilizing Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) that is paired with a wireless module to provide seamless wireless control common devices in a house. The mobile phones and Touch-Tone telephones use the Dual-Tone Multi Frequency. That was developed initially for telephony signalling such as dialling. Each key-press on the phone keypad generates DTMF signal consists of two tones that must be generated simultaneously. The user consoles has many keys, each corresponding to the device that needs to be activated.

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