Harvesting Vibration Energy

[Author: Jay Elixir M. Lapeña, et.al., 2016] Piezoelectric materials have the ability to be used as a mechanism to transform mechanical energy, usually ambient vibration into electrical energy that can be used to power other devices. The practice of harnessing energy around a system and converting it in to usable power is termed power harvesting. By implementing these power harvesting devices, portable systems can be developed that do not depend on the traditional methods for providing power, such as the battery, which has a limited operating life. With the recent advances in wireless technologies, sensors can now be placed in very remote locations, such as structural sensors on a bridge or tracking devices on animals in the wild. However, since these devices require their own power supply, which is in most cases finite; they must be regularly retrieved and the power supply replaced. This process can become tedious and even costly in many circumstances. The electronic systems described, are ideal applications for the power harvesting devices. However, the energy generated through the piezoelectric effect is not sufficient for directly powering most electronic circuits. Thus, for the power harvesting technology to make its way into the commercial market, methods of accumulating

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