GSM Controlled Rice Cooker

[Author: Kim Espinosa,, 2015] Technology makes our works/lives easier, or should be lazier. More people are now depending on machines and other devices to make their works and duty more efficient, fast, easy, and better. In other people, after a long day, instead of eating and resting after work or school, we need to do our responsibilities at our homes, like cooking rice. Especially in Asian countries that eats rice in every meal. Rice is a staple in many people’s diets around the world. The grain is especially important, both nutritionally and culturally, in Southeast Asia. Burned chunks or gooey paste can be the disappointing result of rice gone wrong, but with the use of a rice cooker, the odds even up for even the klutziest in the kitchen. Uncooked rice frequently contains bacteria called Bacillus cereus which can be found in soil. These spore-forming bacteria can survive cooking process and protective spore can germinate, grow and produce toxin, if rice cooled off slowly or not properly stored. Reheating cooked rice does not inactivate the toxin or kill bacteria cell. There is a device we known as rice cooker. Typically, a rice cooker contains an insulated outer container containing

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